22 February, 2012

A weekend in Paris, by design.

Every now and then, a girl's got to try something a bit different.
I decided to impersonate an interior designer.  Well, not any one designer in particular.  I just needed to be one, for one weekend in Paris, so that I could attend one of the most important trade shows in Europe, Maison & Objet. I went with a couple of my favorite people, and once we got a sense of the scale of the expo, we realized that the two days we'd given ourselves to visit were far from enough. But we made the best of things...

I have been meaning to put these photos up for so long, it's embarassing.  The event occurred in January after all.  But having adored Jean Dujardin in the just-released silent film The Artist (definitely a must-see), I decided that perhaps here, too, fewer words can be more.  There are indeed stories behind these creators, and if you're interested in anything in particular, feel free to leave a question in the comments section...Enjoy!

I also made time to visit "365 Charming Everyday Things", a Japanese design exhibition highlighting the craft--and art--in Japanese products at the Bastille Design Center (itself a lovely industrial space that originally housed an ironmonger).  You can find out more about the individual products, their esthetics and the impetus behind the project here.  Look closely at the images to see the clever design twists and humor.

(Can't resist explaining that these little houses are air purifiers.  The roof element is carbon powder molded with holes to maximize air circulation...)
Makes me want to make my own stuff!


  1. PARIS!!! Looks like a great show! Love the black nesting bowls at the top.

  2. Hello Rose,
    Those bowls are a thousand times more beautiful in person, made in Italy by Rina Menardi, thin, and using the same techniques as the Etruscans used, they worked a long time to figure how to use natural pigments, and the work shows. You can see more at their site (Italian and English): http://www.rinamenardi.com/chi/siamo/about/us/articolo/5/chi_siamo.html, you can find their catalogue there as well, though I have NO idea how much they cost. They are just so delicate and strong and lovely to look at. Gosh there were so many interesting designers and cool pieces, I feel I haven't done them justice...but I am happy to tell you about others if you are interested. You know those black rods nestled together are actually a coffee table? They connect with magnets, so you can make any shape you want. From Belgium...


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