10 March, 2010

Going forward, looking back.

This being the south of France, after our local version of "Snowmageddon 2010," the next day unfolded clear as crystal. I ventured out to take stock.
The snow threw sunstar-like sparkles, the extraordinary beauty of which my little point and shoot camera cannot duplicate. Please trust me, it was/is the stuff of fairy tales and warm-fisted childhood dreams.Nature is of two minds around here, torn between the pulling of the sun and the withdrawal of cold. Lately, often simultaneously.This is fine, we need the precipitation to make it through the parched months to come, but we mere mortals need...sustenance. We feed on our memories, literally and figuratively. I've come to the end of my supply of heavenly fine rooibos tea sourced during my trip to the desert, but just now I am remembering that Wyoming cup of "hot snow."

Easier than pie, actually. A moment's activity for a deep and sustaining pleasure. If you are feeling chilled, try this on for size, and don't be shy about adding a measure of rum if your moment calls for it.
Neige au Chaud (White Hot Chocolate)

Serves 2.

2 cups whole milk
80 g good white chocolate, chopped
1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
generous pinch of cinammon
optional: 1/4 teaspoon sweet almond extract

Heat milk without boiling. Add chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon and optional almond extract, stir until well-combined. Serve, settle down and relax.

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