09 February, 2011

Only this.

My five year old walked by with a poorly suppressed grin.  When I checked my camera later, this image was on it.  Sometimes it takes a small one to see great beauty.


  1. "Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old." --Franz Kafka

  2. Happy belated birhday Tammy! Have been busy at work. Getting back slowly reading blogs again and not commenting as often, but I am around.

  3. Dear Rose,
    I'm trying to keep seeing! But those feathers, given by a friend who'd collected them, I'd never really looked at them quite from that angle.

    Ma chere mimibricoles,
    Mon fils a un petit oeil pour beaute...

    Hi Nadege,
    Hey, how nice to 'see' you again. Thanks for the birthday wishes--still good to hear a few days later! Stay well.


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