05 January, 2011

Hello 2011.

Well, here we are, on the virginal cusp of another new year.  I'm back home again, the bags are unpacked, the sand and sweat washed away from my clothes, leaving behind just the bright memories of Vietnam. 
The jet-lag is surprisingly minimal.  The shock to the system is more climatological and cultural.  And then there's the business of sorting through all the photos. 

But first things first.  I would like to wish you and yours a fine 2011, bursting with good health, leavened with laughter, and spiced with a pinch of adventure. 
Tell me: what does the year hold for you?


  1. Hello and welcome back! I've been wondering where you were these days. We were in NY for two weeks over Christmas and we got lots of snow! It was a real treat for us Floridians.

    2011 holds lots for me: homeschooling, sewing, and more painting.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Hello Rose, and thank you!

    So happy you were able to treat yourselves to a white Christmas. I have to admit, it did feel a bit odd celebrating Christmas in a tropical country, but it certainly isn't the first time...

    Wow, you do have a lot on your plate! Don't forget, you'll need to add blogging to the list, as the rest of us love to see your projects!


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