11 January, 2010

Miss Daisy drives in.

Here's what it was like this blizzardy weekend in the south of France, thanks to Mediterranean storm 'Daisy'.
Or rather, here's what it was like around my house as I was snowed in for two days. No way I was getting my Kangoo up the driveway. Renault Kangoo. It's my car (kindly get your mind out of the gutter!). Knowing I wasn't feeling well, my neighbor walked through the woods to bring me fresh, home-baked bread and Mason jars full of soups and stews. The (young) chickens were really petrified of the fluffy white stuff and refused to venture out of their house for food until I had cleared a nice big spot for them. The Weimaraner capered and raced around, having spent too much time curled up indoors. I'm fairly certain the potted lavender were less thrilled than the dog.
I don't think we got the 20 or 30 centimeters that Avignon and Arles did but we weren't that far off. These photos were taken after a good amount of melting had already taken place. At least I wasn't stuck on a highway somewhere for hours, as so many have been in Germany, or trapped in a closed airport, as some were in Dublin and Geneva, or without electricity as some 15, 000 unfortunates were outside of Arles.

All things considered, things could have been a lot worse.


  1. We didn't get the same amount of snow here, just cold sleet, unfortunately! Hope you are feeling better. What a great neighbor you have!

  2. Oh dear. Sleet is less charming. But yes, my neighbor is wonderful! Four heavy mason jars' worth of stews, just-baked bread and milk. I'm willing to bet you'd like her very much.

    There is a certain solidarity in the countryside that this city person really appreciates!

    I've still got the consumptive-sounding cough, but the worst is over, thanks. The "gastro" went through the kids (it is making the rounds of the schools). Your area as well?


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