16 July, 2009

Giving it up.

My daughter recently announced over lunch that she would no longer eat any fish. She explained to our raised eyebrows that if people keep up the rate at which they consume the world's fish, the oceans would more or less empty within the coming fifty years. Say the researchers are off and double the time; we'd still be losing this:

Which is why my eight year old stopped eating fish.

(Thank you to Jon Rawlinson, who filmed this in one go in Japan, and advises that you give it some time to load before playing to ensure smooth playback. That is, click on play, then click it again so it pauses, and just give the film several minutes to finish loading. My advice is watch it in HD, large screen, to really see these creatures that are grace incarnate. Song: "Please Don't Go" by Barcelona).


  1. Wow - that's beautiful! Is she going completely vegetarian or just giving up fish?

  2. She's only giving up fish--already something as she does love sushi! For some help in your own sushi choices, see http://www.edf.org/page.cfm?tagID=29796.

    I've gone most of the way for some time now, i.e. I don't buy any fish for home consumption, nor do I eat it at restaurants.

    I have yet to put the occasional bite of shrimp or farmed mussels behind me! Here again, though, some caution: none of the threatened ones, like the Giant/Black Tiger Shrimp from Asia.

    From a health standpoint, cautious consumption is in order for kids particularly, given mercury and other contaminant levels found in fish.


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