28 April, 2009

A guest photographer.

Some people show off photos they've taken of their kids. I'm going to show off photos my kid took. These are what I found when I downloaded what was in my camera. And yes, I'll let you know when my daughter starts a photo-blog of her own...

She asked me what kind of bee that was, with his fuzzy golden jacket, working among the rosemary blossoms. I didn't know; do you? I get the last shot, though: this is what my eight-year-old photographer gathered from the field. Purple and white clover, Queen Anne's lace, and sage. And other blossoms I can't identify. The flowers are sitting on the kitchen table now, while I rifle through my cookbooks for a spring dessert that measures up to her bouquet. It's too early for strawberries (from my garden anyway--the supermarket's been full of the Spanish ones for some time now). How about a delicate, rosemary-infused crème brûlée? Something to lure both bees and people into the kitchen...Thank you, Clotilde Dusoulier! You can also find the recipe online, in her website's recipe archives. Just click on her name...

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