20 March, 2009

The birds are back.

I'm getting around to posting my Prague photos (the ones that don't feature beer), but it's not so easy: the birds have returned. The woodpecker was busy this entire morning, from when the kids and I had warm croissants and bracing Kenyan tea--liberally dosed with condensed milk--to when I hauled my favorite deck chair out of the shed. The sounds are everywhere now, under the eaves, in mid-flight, in the trees. Not to mention the buzzing of the bees. One birdlet found itself marooned inside, perched up on the second floor of our stairwell. I managed to continuously move from one outdoor project to another the entire day (without ever actually sitting in that deck chair)...until a pair of owls brought us into the hushed and chilly night.

In this evocative and au naturel video (read: un-doctored), Wes Johnson juxtaposes an awful lot of birds with Yann Tiersen's "L'autre Valse d'Amélie" to rather mesmerising effect. Yes, the accordion music is from that movie. Thank you, Wes--and Yann. Hint: you can expand the image to fill your computer screen by clicking on the little arrows in box formation, and if you would like see it in High Definition (which does make quite a difference), watch directly on Vimeo, and catch his Sunrise Run, which is also enchanting.


  1. I loved that video, it is absolutely fascinating, especially as you know it hadn't been messed with. I have some woodland and a small lake in my property in the Auvergne, and the wildlife is so busy at present, the crows, the kestrels, the ducks, we even had a muscovy duck visit and stay for a week. heavenly deafening! Bless!

  2. I wish I knew all the names of the different birds busy chattering around me. Some I know only in English, some in French--and some in Dutch. No ducks, but we have a little rushing creek, so I haven't given up hope. May have to get a duck or two of my own; for that matter they say geese make very good guards...I have only seen a couple swallows, am waiting for the rest to come and start roosting. You're right--heaven!


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